I’m your neighbour: Anna Marie Peltier loves her family and her crafting work

Anna Marie Peltier

Anna Marie Peltier has been working at Ed’s Family Restaurant in Wiikwemkoong for five months now and enjoys interacting with customers at the counter even though the restaurant is only open for takeout at this time.

As a single mother of two young girls, Anna Marie doesn’t have a lot of free time on her hands, but when she does have a few moments she enjoys honing her traditional Anishinaabe artisan skills with beadwork and leather crafts.

The antics of the family’s three cats (one for each family member) and Mukwa the dog help to entertain everyone at home.

Remember, when you support local businesses like Ed’s Family Restaurant in Wiikwemkoong, you are helping to support friends and neighbours like Anna Marie and her family.