I’m your neighbour: Student Lucy Joshua-Mathews focuses on her culinary dreams

Lucy Joshua Mathews

M’CHIGEENG – Lucy Joshua-Mathews of M’Chigeeng has only been working at her community’s Freshmart for about a month but has embraced the role and the hands-on work it provides.

“It can be a little tough at times, especially when people don’t want to wear masks, but it’s real fun. I love my job,” she said.

Lucy often works at a cash register but her true passions lie toward the rear of the store—the bakery.

“I’ve been baking since I was six; I learned from my grandmother,” she said.

The Grade 9 student at Manitoulin Secondary School (MSS) counts baking as one of her favourite hobbies, alongside reading. She has done a couple of jobs preparing baked goods for people and won second place in a cupcake competition in M’Chigeeng.

“My favourites are macaroons, and I really love making cookies,” she said.

Lucy might be one of the lucky ones to turn her passions into a living. Although she still has a few years to go before she graduates from MSS, she already has her eye on Algonquin College’s culinary program.

The position at Freshmart was originally a way to fill time and earn some income over the summer but Lucy said she plans to try keeping it up during the school year. Being in a food-filled environment at this early stage will offer many leaning opportunities and a chance to save up as she dreams of her next steps.

Remember that when you shop locally, you’re supporting friends and neighbours like Lucy Joshua-Mathews at M’Chigeeng Freshmart.