Incomplete burial shocks family

Thank you to those compassionate and helping hand individuals who fulfilled family’s wishes

To the Expositor:

Truth be told.

My dear Mother’s May 7, 2016 11 am spring burial questions dignity.

Our family Mother’s Day evening visit to the cemetery turned to shock and disgust as the closing of her grave was never done.

It is truly disheartening that our Mother’s burial mirrors her recollection of shameful burials and questions the lack of movement to preserve the legendary documented Michael’s Bay burial sites.

I am grateful the truth crushed that fictitious huge rock into regular manageable soil that completed Mother’s delayed obstruction-free burial.

Thank you goes out to those visually compassionate helping hand individuals on May 9, 2016 who fulfilled the family’s immediate wishes.

We need to be the eyes and voice of all loved ones that are now at rest.

Respectfully speaking out,

Paul Bowerman