International bestselling author coming to Little Current

LITTLE CURRENT—For those of us who have always dreamed of writing a novel but fear that time has passed our opportunity by, one need look no further than Mary Lawson, sister of White’s Point resident and ‘Bridging the Centuries’ author Bill Caesar, for inspiration and encouragement. Ms. Lawson began her career as a novelist in her 50s, going on to pen the best selling ‘Crow Lake’ and then pulling off the hat trick with her second best seller ‘The Other Side of the Bridge.’ Now the remarkable writer will be stopping by for an evening visit with her Manitoulin fans at the Little Current Public Library on Friday, November 29 for a 7:30 pm book signing of her latest book ‘Road Ends.’

Despite having been born in southwestern Ontario and graduating from McGill, and having spent much of her life in England (where she currently resides in Kingston-on-Thames), having moved there for her career as an industrial psychologist, Ms. Lawson’s works are set in the mythical Northern Ontario Tri-Town region communities of Red Lake and Struan.

Ms. Lawson’s works explore the interactions between events and personalities and the siren call and opportunities from lands away have on small town and rural residents. She does this very, very well. It might have something to do with that whole ‘psychology’ thing, but from whatever well her muse is drawn, there is no denying the compelling draw of her prose.

Admission to the book signing is free and light refreshments will be served, but meeting this remarkable woman is a priceless opportunity.

Michael Erskine