Jarvis Brookes and his two pups boost the mood at Noble Lumber

Jarvis Brookes

When you walk into Pat Noble Lumber in Gore Bay, you might encounter the friendly face of Jarvis Brookes or one of two store pups, Jake and Bentley. Bentley is 13 years old and Jake is just a few years behind. “Customers love the dogs,” Jarvis said. “It’s another little thing to put a smile on your face.”

Jarvis moved back to Manitoulin Island about three years ago to work with his brother-in-law, Kyle Noble, at Pat Noble Lumber. The atmosphere is the best thing about working at Pat Noble Lumber, he said. “Coming here every day, it’s not just working with your friends but we’re a family. We all get along and spend a lot of time joking around. In work and out of work, the relationships are still there.”

He’s been working on starting up the store’s new bunkie program, TinyTown Bunkie Kits, lately. “I’ve noticed that because of lumber prices, the ease of these TinyTown bunkies has made them a big hit. Everything comes on the skid. There’s no need to hire a contractor. Anybody could build these. They’re really taking off.” There are samples built and on display beside Campbell’s Drive-in on Highway 540. 

He thinks many people have found the motivation to work on home building and renovations during these stay at home times. “You can go outside and do some hands on work,” he said. “It’s really good for the soul. It may not be nice to be stuck inside because of COVID-19 restrictions but having a little alone time for ourselves and doing a little cosmetic work that we’ve always wanted to do is really beneficial. I feel that is one of the things that have led people to do more home renovations.”

The new Milwaukee tool line has arrived in store as well, so Jarvis is looking forward to a busy summer. He’s hoping he can get some time off to go fishing.

Remember that when you shop locally, you’re helping support your friends and neighbours like Jarvis Brookes and Pat Noble Lumber in Gore Bay.