Jib Turner will put job creation ahead of all other goals

LITTLE CURRENT –Algoma Manitoulin, Jib Turner provided details today about how the Ontario PC Million Jobs Plan will make job creation its number one priority.

“Tim Hudak has made it clear that this is the central economic issue of our time,” said Turner. “I’m sure the other leaders wish we had more jobs. But job creation isn’t about wishes – it’s about choices.  And the straight truth is that truly making jobs the priority means putting jobs ahead of other goals.”

The Ontario PC Campaign today confirmed that job creation numbers in the Million Jobs Plan are derived from detailed economic models created by the Conference Board of Canada and a leading economist for the Fraser Institute.

“I am absolutely committed to making job creation priority number one here in Algoma-Manitoulin and across Northern Ontario. So our kids don’t have to go to Alberta to start a career and a family. So we can afford the health care we all rely on. Sky-high energy rates have hit the north hard, and caused many closures. We need to return the dignity and self-reliance to our neighbours that only come from a good job,” Jib Turner said.

The Ontario PC Party has used the first week of the Ontario election to provide details of the Million Jobs Plan including:

  • Taking urgent action on a turnaround plan to balance the budget within two years.
  • Modernizing Ontario’s apprenticeship rules to create 200,000 new jobs.
  • Reducing taxes on employers by 30% creating 120,000 new jobs.
  • Bringing Ontario energy bills under control to help employers create 40,000 new jobs
  • Implementing a GTA Transportation Plan that will create 96,000 new jobs.