Join fellow Canadians in Ottawa on September 26

To The Expositor:

A growing number of Canadians from coast to coast to coast are joining in a massive day of protest in Ottawa. Will you be there? Will you be part of the greatest environmental protest our country has ever mounted?

The Keystone XL pipeline, if approved, will transport the dirtiest oil on the planet from Alberta to Gulf Coast refineries in Texas, marrying our nation’s energy future to the destructive ways of the past and delivering a punch to the gut of all the green efforts made by other provinces and industries in Canada to deliver clean, renewable energy to Canadians.

To call this project a horror would be a serious understatement. The tar sands have wrecked huge parts of Alberta, disrupting ways of life First Nations communities in Canada and tribes along the pipeline route in the US have demanded the destruction cease.

Huge tracts of our Boreal forest have been destroyed, massive amounts of water is being polluted, our green house gas emissions will go through the roof, and global warming will be delivered a winning hand.

But what sickens the most? All the tireless efforts Canadians have been making will be rendered useless, all the wind and solar developments on the table just can’t compete, all the hope and optimism for a green future for Canada will be dashed, if this pipeline is not stopped.

We have a chance to make our voices heard. We need to ‘pipe up’ together on September 26—not just hope a saviour in the White House might be shamed into real action for our environment. Our Canadian reputation is on the block.

A bus trip from Manitoulin to Ottawa is being scheduled if enough people commit. It will be around $75 for round trip fare. Count meals on top of that and two nights hotel (possible hosting can be arranged at Stops in Espanola, Sudbury, and North Bay are possible. Let’s fill the bus.

Be part of this historic event and help stop further tar sands development. Our future depends on it. Phone (705)377-5337 or email for further discussion or travel plans.

Lois Lockhart