Lakeview students assist Manitoulin Streams to restore M’Chigeeng Creek

Lakeview students assisting in stream restoration.

M’CHIGEENG—Again this year, Lakeview School students in M’Chigeeng assisted the Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) Stewardship Rangers to restore the M’Chigeeng Creek.

“Manitoulin Streams works with the Grade 8 class at Lakeview each year restoring some of M’Chigeeng Creek to improve the fish habitat for migrating salmon and rainbow trout,” said Seija Deschenes, Manitoulin Streams project coordinator.

“The students transport cobble stone in buckets down the large embankment into the creek in an assembly line and create fish habitat (increased spawning habitat, vortex weirs etc.) and helped out with planning 150 trees at the location,” continued Ms. Deschenes.

They worked on a 100 metre stretch behind the M’Chigeeng arena and also helped out with an additional stream cleanup to the one the Sudbury District Stewardship Rangers helped out with this past July.

“Also, some of the Little Current Grade 8 students came out to volunteer to get some of their community hours for high school (Jared Cortes, Whittier Gauthier, Autumn Deschenes and Sydney Latva-Aro),” said Ms. Deschenes.

Manitoulin Streams staff was there to help and mentor the students in this endeavour, added Ms. Deschenes.