Larry Killens laments government priorities

To the Expositor:

The all-day power outage on the Manitoulin Island last month allowed me ample time to sit and think about a few things. Scary eh? A habit the government finds strange.

I am hearing about starving children in foreign countries and meanwhile we have breakfast programs in our schools to feed our kids properly. We have fundraisers in our communities for our elementary students to have extra construction paper and crayons.

It now is an almost for sure guarantee that your secondary student will not travel the path in secondary education and come out at the end without having attended a correspondence course or virtual high school course. The classroom sizes to offer a subject are not meeting the Province of Ontario standards to be able to put on various courses.

I was talking to a close friend who was denied being paid mileage, by the Ontario Northern Ontario Travel grant, to travel to a cancer clinic in Toronto. Health Sciences North is booked up and immediate treatment is not available to him. My friend was refused only because we have a treatment facility in the North even though not available for treatment while Toronto has spaces open.

I have an aunt who is awaiting a hip replacement, but not only is there no room available, but her pain threshold or state of deterioration template does not qualify her yet for replacement.

I talk with many seniors who are going broke with expensive medications that are not completely covered by our government.

Thank goodness the fishing season is over this year for politicians, and I hope they are not into ice fishing. Too cold for them—they might have to put their hands into their own pockets.

Meanwhile, the news media all day was giving attention to Omar Khadr, the Canadian born self admitted terrorist who killed an American soldier, and expressing concern he is in danger of not receiving appropriate treatment and support during the remainder of his prison sentence and upon his release from jail for the murder. Oh yes, he was returned to Canada to serve out the remainder of his sentence here.

Who or what are our government priorities?

Larry Killens

South Baymouth