LAURA H. KERNOHAN June 3, 1941 – July 14, 2019

June 3, 1941 – July 14, 2019
In Loving Memory Laura H. Kernohan, June 3, 1941 to July 14, 2019. Over the course of our lives we will meet many people, some of them good for us, some less so. But among these people will exist a precious few. Precious because of their unique combination of kindness, candor, and courage. They are the late night confidants, the glass of wine and the deep laugh, the irreverent shared thought, and the early morning walk. These people are unique. These people are special , and if we are very lucky they will see us as special too. Laura Kernohan was one of these people. Born in Manitowaning to Nelda and Grant Oakes, Laura was the oldest of five. At an early age she knew that she wanted to travel, and at 17 she set off for adventure. Toronto became her home and in the years that followed she met her first husband and lifelong friend Morris Kernohan. Those early years were filled with stories of the house on Grant Street, her friends at Blaney McMurtry, foodie adventures at George Brown College, and the untrainable cat McDuff. In the 1980s Laura set off to Spain. Over the course of eight years and multiple trips she fell in love with the country, its culture, and its language. It was in Spain that she would meet Miguel,her husband of over 30 years. Upon her return to Toronto, Laura and Miguel bought a home on Lauder Avenue and created a place for students from around the world to stay and study. In the years that followed, young women from as far as France, Brazil and Japan would visit, and Laura would travel the world through their stories. Later in life Laura returned to the Manitoulin to help manage her family’s business, eventually taking up residence near the beach in Providence Bay. She delighted in her friends and family visits, her walking group, and her chats in the horse room. It was in her “little house on the bay” where she passed peacefully. Her life and spirit were celebrated with a community gathering at the Mutchmor Cafe on July 19th. Laura was a wife, a mum, a sister and a friend, but most of all she was genuine. If the value of a life is measured by the impact we have on one another, then Laura’s life was priceless. We miss you, Laura. We miss your funny little looks, your one-liners, the twinkle in your eyes, and your strength. Your wit and spirit will echo in our hearts and bring laughter and tears in equal measure. Te extranamous por siempre. We miss you forever. Miguel wishes to thank everyone for their condolences and support during this difficult time, and would appreciate any donations to be made to the Mindemoya Hospital Auxiliary.