June 28, 1978 – April 29, 2021
In loving memory of Leslie Waindubence, who passed away peacefully at Health Sciences North on Thursday, April 29, 2021 at the age of 42. Beloved wife of Bryan Waindubence. Mom of Bryan the 2nd. Sister of Judy, Elizabeth (predeceased), Kim, Shawna, Starlene and Heather. Daughter of Arthur Nakogee and Marie Rose. Leslie was a homemaker and a volunteer of many things. A sister, a friend, a person you could confide in. She would always have time for you and would always help you in any way that she could. Cremation has taken place and a BBQ happened at home on Sunday, May 2, 2021.
I love you in a way only one man can feel. I wish I could show you my love. The way I feel for you would be like a meteor shower full of light, wonderful colours that makes you smile for a lifetime. Let me show you how you make me feel over our life time with smiles and everything that comes with it. -I love you always and forever, B.
My Brother’s Soulmate
He will say he loves you,
Yet there’s no reply.
He will always feel your presence,
As if you never left his side.
We remember your comforting voice,
Now there’s not a sound.
You’re always by his side,
But he can’t hold your hand.
The reason why God took you,
We find hard to understand.
Summer days will seem much shorter,
Dark nights will just linger on.
Dreams will turn into nightmares,
When one you love has gone.
Real love never fades,
It still burns like the sun.
Although they’re far away,
Those memories will live on and on.
Her spirit will never die,
It shines like the stars.
He knows you’re sleeping in heaven,
But you’re always living in his heart.