Legion president congratulates students

To the Expositor:

I would like to congratulate students Rachael Bilbija and Amber Anning for taking the initiative in providing their own Winter Formal Dance, when events precluded one being provided for them.

We were pleasantly surprised by the condition of the Legion Hall after the dance was held. The garbage pails were full, but the premises were neat and tidy. Floors had been swept and tables wiped. Decorations that had been put up too soon in advance of Christmas were carefully taken down after pictures had been taken to show their position, and then were just as carefully put back in place. Some minor damage had happened, but nothing more than is seen with any event of more than 100 people.

Congratulations as well to the parents who supervised this event. It was obvious you know your teens and made sure the evening went off so well. Thank you for using our hall, and we hope you will consider us for any future event you will plan.

Ron Steeves
Little Current Legion Branch 177