Lester B. Pearson artifacts collection in place at Old Mill Heritage Museum

IT’S HERE! Dianne Fraser, left in photo, and Sabine Huege, members of the Old Mill Heritage Centre, get one of the displays ready at the museum, in preparation for the Lester B. Pearson artifacts collection being provided to the museum by the National Archives of Canada.

KAGAWONG—The Lester B. Pearson artifacts collection has arrived via truck (Manitoulin Transport) to the Old Mill Heritage Centre. The collection, which is on loan from the National Archives of Canada, will be on display when the museum officially opens later this month.

“We’re (Old Mill Heritage Centre museum board members) in here getting the display ready for the items,” stated Rick Nelson, curator of the Heritage Centre, prior to the items being delivered last week. “A truck will be arriving on Wednesday (of last week) with the items.”

Mr. Nelson explained earlier this week, “conservators with the National Archives will be here this week   to open up the display cases, unpack the items and actually put them in their proper place in the display that has been set up.”

“The items were delivered by Manitoulin Transport,” said Mr. Nelson. He said the Pearson collection will include items such as “Mr. Pearson’s desk, swivel chairs, different personal mementos and other items, which will be put in the replica office that Brad MacKay has constructed (in the museum).” The Heritage Centre’s display for the Pearson collection has been constructed to look as it did in Laurier House in Ottawa.

“Then we will be ready to open on the May long weekend,” continued Mr. Nelson.

“The museum board members, like Dianne Fraser and Sabine Huege, have worked very hard putting in countless hours of time and research to have the display built to a replica of Mr. Pearson’s office,” continued Mr. Nelson. “Also they have been working on the display in the museum for an exhibit on senator Thomas Farquhar and Austin Hunt, who as politicians have connections to the area, as we all know.”

The National Archives of Canada are providing 159 artifacts for the display in the Old Mill Heritage Centre, including Lester B. Pearson’s Nobel Peace Prize.

To support the Lester B. Pearson and Canadian flag exhibit, a Go Fund Me account has been set up located on the Kagawong museum website at kagawongmuseum.ca and follow the links (look for a picture of Lester B. Pearson) or on https://www.gofundme.com/ lester-b-pearson-and-canadian-flag.

“As for the Go Fund Me fundraising campaign, we have raised just over $3,000,” said Mr. Nelson. “We are a long way from our goal ($10,000) to make this display of Mr. Pearson’s artifacts happen. Hopefully we will get further donations from members of the public for this campaign.”

Anyone wanting to get a tax receipt for donations they make to the Go Fund Me account for the Pearson display can contact Mr. Nelson at the museum, at 705-282-1442.