Letter: A call to stand up and be counted on the fate of the Old School

A letter of concern for or against will help provide guidence

To those concerned about saving Mindemoya Old School:

I understand that Central Manitoulin council is counting the number of responses received for or against the destruction of the old Mindemoya Continuation School. This is just to add my name to those in favour of saving the school, in hopes that you will do the same. A future complex that might replace the arena could be built in another location, such as on the open field beside Central Manitoulin Public School. I feel there is no need to demolish the Old School in preparation for any future development that could be done on another site.

I am truly trying to understand the reasoning of this council that seems so bent on the destruction of a building of such obvious heritage value. I have asked the council to please try to help me understand where they are coming from, and, in the light of the petition of over 800 names to save the school having been presented, they can still think that destroying the building could possibly follow the wishes of the majority they represent in the municipality.

Whether for or against the impending building destruction, a letter of concern to members of the council might help provide guidance in their municipal decision-making. The list below of councillors’ email addresses is taken from the Central Manitoulin Municipality web site.

Jim Smith


Municipal council contacts (2018 – 2022)

Mayor Richard Stephens – cmreeve@eastlink.ca


Angela Johnston – cm.councillor.johnston@gmail.com

Derek Stephens – bowhunterderek@hotmail.com

Dale Scott – wmdalescott@hotmail.com

Steven Shaffer – shaffer@amtelecom.net

Al Tribinevicius – algitrib@gmail.com

Rose Diebolt – rjdiebolt@hotmail.com