Letter: A farewell to our Warren

Don’t forget us and all the best in your next adventure

To the Expositor:

I was at Warren’s first Manitoulin Cattlemen’s Association meeting and was impressed with the interest he showed in learning the ins and outs of our Island farmers and their way of life.

A few days later as I read his Expositor report of the meeting; I couldn’t believe we had been at the same meeting.

His genius for picking up details was amazing. I’d felt embarrassed that I had missed so much.

Sometime later I congratulated him on his first agriculture report.

The next time I met Rick McCutcheon I mentioned about Warren’s incredible writing ability.

Rick said “yes, and I don’t know how long we will have such a talented journalist.” Rick was right and sadly now Warren’s leaving us.

An Englishman would say “what a pity.”

Over the years I’m realizing journalists are highly gifted people.

Don’t forget us, Warren. All the best in your next adventure.

Lyle Dewar

Providence Bay