Letter: A shout-out to letter writer decrying federal and provincial duplicity

It will take a long time to resolve the LU situation, so let’s get started

To the Expositor:

Here’s a vote of thanks to your recent correspondent D.S. McPhail for speaking directly to the failure, and indeed duplicity, of both federal and provincial governments in their less than stellar dealings with First Nations people and others, the Laurentian University fiasco being the latest example. Trying to understand the twisted logic so often employed by politicians to justify their actions can boggle anyone’s mind! And certainly, corporate Canada must face up to its own narrow view of what is best for the country; are profits and happy shareholders the ultimate panacea? I think not!

Better by far that, where our First Nations are involved leaders, federal, provincial and Indigenous sit down together and begin a process of reconciliation, a task which must include openness and trust on all sides of the table and must deal with the dishonesty demonstrated by all involved. We are well aware of governmental duplicity but must also face the fact that greed cuts both ways; I understand, for example, that there are instances where, in matters of finance, some Indigenous leaders continue to deal dishonestly with their own people. We must face the fact that the current situation will take a long time to resolve so, let’s get started!


Eric Balkind

Gore Bay