Letter: Allegiances run deep in Billings criticisms

Dear Editor:

I read with interest the letter of January 15, 2021 by Paul Darlaston as he once again defends Billings council in their decision making. He says that a “failed candidate” in the last election should not question all of council’s decisions. Ms. Erskine does not question every decision this council makes. I suspect questioning a 100 percent pay raise plus one year’s retroactive pay just before Christmas would be of interest to most of the residents of Billings Township.

Mr. Darlaston himself has been a “failed candidate” in at least two elections, but that has not stopped him from writing letters and questioning council throughout those years. The only difference now is that he’s been appointed as a member of a committee of council. Maybe that’s why he now continually defends this council in every decision they make. Everyone, even a twice “failed candidate,” has the right to an opinion about council and the right to question their decisions.

It appears that many times Mr. Darlaston is speaking on behalf of council, when that is the responsibility of the mayor. He criticized a member of the public which I believe goes against the code of conduct that all committee members and councillors have agreed to follow. (Bylaw 2018-41).

Mr. Darlaston verbally attacked Ms. Erskine, a private citizen of this community. If council is truly following their code of conduct the mayor would rein in this type of behaviour. One wonders if they would do so if Mr. Darlaston was critical of council rather than being so supportive.

Linda Ferguson