Letter: An ode extolling our Manitoulin home

The bounty of the Great Manitou bestowed


Winding two lane Island road, mottled shades of tan and beige

A faded yellow center-line, whose shoulders show their age. 

Asphalt patches now and then contrast the browns and black

Split rail fences line the berms, all in Assiginack.

Boundless wildflowers border roads in every colored hue

Sandhill cranes in harvest fields strut tall in morning’s dew.

Protected harbors nestled in, amongst the island bays

Business still conducted by traditional handshake ways.

Postcard barns with long dirt drives, rolls of hay in fields

Gulls descend to gorge upon the bugs the cutting yields.

Tractors parked at days’ job end, awaiting morrow’s chores

Waves of wind-moved rapeseed beat against the hedgerow shores.

The Pow-Wows of First Nations, history played out in their dance

Their regalia flashing as they chant and spin and prance.

The sacred drums like heartbeats sound, deep echoes of the past

The Elders hope their wisdom is a memoried gift that lasts.

Water clear as crystal, solid rock ‘neath rippled top

Its depths draw eyes enchantingly, one’s vision cannot stop.

Smallmouth bass and walleyes, and lake trout, rainbows too

The bounty of Great Manitou has been bestowed on you.

Jim Geehring

Cincinnati, Ohio