Letter: Using fossil fuels is tilting our world’s equilibrium

Dooms day is close upon us

To the Expositor:

God put oil on Earth for a reason and it was put there for a purpose, not to abuse.

We are destroying the world because we are destroying the equilibrium of the tilt of the world. As we keep using up the oil, the world’s balance tilts. That’s why God created the dinosaur, first to live and die for millions of years and to die and rot in the ground. As the whole world at the beginning was one continent, where the dinosaurs roamed the earth. The earth was a very humid place, so the earth could supply all the food that these big creatures needed to eat. They rotted in the ground. They then turned into fossil fuels like a sticky fatty greasy substance. Crude oil that collected in the ground in very large huge amounts especially in the Middle East, in the Arabic countries. Then when the continent split apart, the smaller amounts of oil went with the continent that drifted or pulled apart to the west, which is now South or North America. Like Texas and Alberta Canada, where the smaller amount of crude oil collected, and the larger amount collected in the middle east. Then in turn made the earth heavier in the Middle East, to cause the tilt of the world as we see today. But as we keep using up this oil for our everyday use the world is losing the perfect balance. It needs to lean towards the sun. Now as we deplete that oil the world will be facing more towards the sun, so in turn our climate will change drastically, and it will get hotter and hotter as the years go by and we will burn up the world’s equilibrium which is the crude oil. The burning of these fuels we are also making a huge air pollution which in turn is carried up into the atmosphere and polluting the skies and creating like a blanket around the earth. Which in turn will create global warming and eventually will kill us all. Just like how God used a meteorite to kill the dinosaurs off after they had served their purpose. Doesn’t that mean God’s plan for us, that’s how we are going to end. So, God can move on with his next plan for the earth. I think what we did to the plant, we went too far, I think it’s too late for us to do anything because we all helped in destroying the equilibrium of the world. Now the Earth will get sicker and sicker as time goes on, the Earth is going to burn up and die. Dooms day is upon us. People please help us God and Jesus. All because of greed, greed of Me.

Lyman Corbiere


PS. This all came to me in a dream. But it makes sense to me. If we stop using oil. We just might save ourselves before it’s too late. Wake up world, we the people.