Letter: Another view of the place nuclear has in our energy mix

Nuclear is one of the options that remain viable

To the Expositor:

Sarah Baron is rather harsh in regard to the use of nuclear energy (‘The new nuclear nightmare is not okay,’ May 5). I did read the article by professor Jacobson mentioned in her letter. The article declared that it was possible to service all electrical needs via wind, solar etc., but that it was dependent on many technologies yet to be discovered. It also talked about relying on mineral elements from many other countries such as China. The pandemic we are now in has taught us the harm that reliance on the global trade chain can do. Reliance on a country such as China is not a wise choice. The other consideration is, do we really want a solution that would paper our landscape with wind mills and solar farms? Another form of pollution? 

Canada has developed safe nuclear power in the past and now is working on the development of safe small modular units which will help us to produce all the electrical power we will need to electrify transportation etc. and meet our climate targets. The best part of this approach is that it is made-in-Canada solution. The safe storage of nuclear waste is an issue that can be solved by science and cooperation. We need to set aside political stances and embrace all non-carbon technologies to meet our critical climate targets. Nuclear is one of those options that can provide us with ample power for the future.

Gary Lewis