Letter: Big Lake community worked long and hard for schoolhouse

Shame on those who would even consider selling the sole location for social gatherings

To the Expositor:

Sad to see that the Central Manitoulin council is neglectful of Big Lake’s only historical hall (the old school) where so many memories were made and the only source of entertainment for the community, let alone historical value.

My wife, Pearl, and all her brothers and sister went to school there.

After closure, the Women’s Institute, the Big Lake Community Association and everyone in the community could make use of the hall, social gatherings, fundraising barbecues, fish fries, pork roasts, steak suppers, etc.

The hall was used for the meetings for establishing the Sandfield Big Lake Fire Department which came in existence after a lot of hard work fundraising. We also got a group together to play music by the name of The Manitoulin Ramblers, to raise money for the fire department.

My wife Pearl and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary there in 2004.

Card parties were held there until longer permitted due to the COVID outbreak.Shame on the present council to even consider to sell the only place that the Big Lake community has for social gatherings.

Hank Meyer