Letter: Billionaire space race duo are nothing to brag home about

Technology is pulling the planet onto a path to destruction

To the Expositor:

While citizens are trying to fight climate change and pollution we have these two idiots who are complaining who will reach the furthest into space in their personal rockers; they are just creating more pollution, nothing to be proud of. Then we have people cheering them on, what a bunch of fools. 

I pay more attention to what is going on here on earth. I can see that our droughts are getting more severe and our farmers are struggling to grow their crops. Even sometimes losing their crops due to drought and this could lead to food shortages. Droughts are happening everywhere. These lead to wild fires, and they are worsening too. Our Mother Earth is catching on fire and there is no escape to it, no matter how filthy rich somebody is they will not escape. 

I’m a thinker too and when they are trying to fight climate change and pollution all I see is stupidity how they are trying to fight it. Even these environmentalists, they are just part of the problem too. I keep up to date with everything and I’m very different from everybody else because I never turn to the left or right in life, because if I do, I would start making mistakes. I think they are just watching too many science fiction movies then they are coming up with all kinds of crazy ideas.

Also, I can see how this technology is turning our world upside down into the path of destruction. I think people cannot even see this, they are just being blind sighted with this technology from truth and its luxury way this is.

Ronald Osawabine