Letter: Congratulations on wonderful new changes

Our Manhattan-Manitoulin tomato comments on recent Manitoulin Publishing changes

To the Expositor:

I’m sitting at home at my desk, in the heart of Manhattan, the “other” island, reading online the fabulous news about Tom Sasvari becoming editor-in-chief! I got so excited that I telephoned Alicia from New York City one minute after I read this! And we chatted happily!

And the news for the amazing, brilliant Michael Erskine to be associate editor, and for Alicia, who’ll now be able to focus on the publisher’s role.

As a loyal reader of The Manitoulin Expositor for 30 years, and the Manitoulin West Recorder, I am elated that you’ve accepted this position as editor-in-chief.

This appointment for you, Tom, is well-deserved. As a longtime newsman for many dedicated years on Manitoulin, you’ve driven almost everywhere on Island, attended, listened, reported, interviewed and written about almost everything that’s happened on Manitoulin!

Yes, Tom, you’ve Ably, Beautifully, Consistently, Dedicatedly, Efficiently, Frankly, Graciously and Gee Whiz, how you care. Didja get it:? A,B,C,D, E, F and G! 

I could go on!

This conversion of growth for your talents is due, and for us as well. Also, that The Recorder will now be on page three of The Expositor, giving readers more information in one newspaper.

And, of course, I give credit to existing staff members at The Expositor, also so capable, as you all continue taking excellent care in publishing and of your readers. Thank you.


Bonnie Kogos

Manhattan and Manitoulin