Letter: Democracy or lunacy?

Look at the facts and decide for yourself

To the Expositor:

After the last Billings township council election a small group of disgruntled citizens, unhappy with the results, launched a campaign that questioned almost every decision made by our elected officials and magnified any faux-pas, real or imagined and no matter how small, on social media and in print.

Almost nine months ago this blanket harassment of council was augmented by a personal attack on the integrity of two councillors.

After an in-depth investigation by the integrity commissioner both councillors were found innocent of all charges.

This fiasco, however, will be paid for by the township with yours and my tax dollars to the tune of approximately $20,000.

The accusations arose after Sharon Alkenbrack participated in two events, making $134 in one and approximately $140 in the other, while Sharon Jackson’s haul was approximately $100.

The accuser stated that the amount of money made was not the issue but rather the “principled” accuser is still hiding behind a curtain of anonymity. 

Both councillors, when interviewed by the integrity commissioner, were found to be credible.

The accuser, on the other hand, was found to be somewhat credible.

I am waiting for Barb Erskine, who in the past has asked for transparency in council maters, to demand complete disclosure on this issue.

I am also waiting for Ruth Farquhar, who in the past has been quick to pounce on anything newsworthy at council, to write a scathing editorial on this ridiculous waste of taxpayers’ money.

Both of the above were seen at one of the events, with Ruth Farquhar taking pictures of the vendors. Coincidence? Of course it was, half of Kagawong was there shopping and I expect the pictures were merely for posterity and are in one of Ruth’s scrap books.

A complete account of the investigation can be found on the township website.

For those interest in knowing the identity of all those responsible for wasting this large amount of public funds please send an email to billingsadmin@billingstwp.ca or write a letter to the 

Township of Billings, Box 34, Kagawong POP IJO, as I am going to do.

John Buie