Letter: Disgruntled customer weighs in on Northern CU closure

“I hate dealing with chartered banks but it looks like that’s what I’ll have to do”

To the Expositor:

Disgusting! There’s no other word.

That was my reaction in learning, via Facebook, that the Little Current branch of the Northern Credit Union would be closing in June. And it’s not just one branch in the north, they’re closing seven branches. Then I thought about the inconvenience of it all.

Like many others, I will have to close my account. I have a few small investments that will have to be moved. I will have to contact my ISP, my phone payments, car insurance etc. will all have to be moved. What terrifies me most is trying to contact Canada Revenue Agency to have my Canada Pension Plan deposits moved. It could take three weeks just to talk to someone there!

Like others, I was pretty ticked off when they closed the Mindemoya branch, forcing me to drive 35 minutes to Little Current, but there’s no way in hell I’ll drive to Espanola to do my banking. How many jobs are being lost? And how long before they close the Espanola branch?

The truth is, they can no longer be trusted. I was assured the Little Current branch would look after us when they closed the Mindemoya branch. They lied.

I hate dealing with the chartered banks but it looks like that’s what I’ll have to do. I suspect the bank in Mindemoya will have a good number of new clients as well as the banks in Little Current.

Perhaps what really needs changing is the management at Northern Credit Union. Closing branches is hardly “expanding” service.

Is the Island no longer in the North?

B. Dixon