Letter: Don’t have too many expectations of politicians this election

It’s the rich, the wealthy and the corporations who are really in control

To the Expositor:

The federal election is coming up and politicians will be out campaigning again with a lot of promises too, but it’s best for ordinary citizens to not have too many expectations, or none at all. It’s the rich and wealthy, the big corporations, who are really in control of the government because they’re using their wealth to exploit the government and ordinary citizens have no voice at all and that happens every time we have an election, both provincial and federal. It always favours the rich only and it never favours ordinary citizens or the poor, even though I have nothing against the rich but this is about fairness with everybody, it’s not just for the rich. 

People who are living on fixed incomes are always left out of their campaigns. We never hear that these incomes will be increased, so people who are living on fixed incomes should think about this before voting: Is there anything in it for you? Why should you vote when after the election citizens will still be scrapping the bucket to get the things they need in life because there was nothing for them after the election again so people who had a lot of expectations are feeling down now and that’s too bad because I did warn you about it.

Ron Osawabine