Letter: One of the high points of childhood is crossing the swing bridge

Keep the bridge for summer travel and perhaps charge a toll

To the Expositor:

The swinging bridge is part of my childhood. My late grandparents moved to Kagawong in 1987 (I was three years old). Every year I visited Kagawong with my family. It was an eight-hour drive. We left at midnight and stopped in Parry Sound to eat and stretch. One of the highlights of the trip was crossing the bridge. We were already excited to go there for a vacation, but then when we saw the bridge we were overjoyed. And crossing it to go back home was so upsetting. But we knew we would be back. 

My grandma died in 1996 and then my grandpa moved to Bright to live with us. My grandpa died in 2012. Last year, I started reading about the bridge on Facebook and decided I should go to the Island again. It’s been 20 years since I was last on the Island. Last year, in September, my husband and I drove up there and visited. It was his first time on the Island. He loved it. So many memories were brought back for me and when I saw the bridge, I cried. I love that bridge. 

I saw the post about other bridge possibilities. I think the swinging bridge should stay and only be used in the summer months, maybe with a toll.

Please share this with whoever you wish.

Amy Brown