Letter: Drug addiction blamed for theft

A call for stronger government action

To the Expositor:

Yesterday  my wife and I were attacked by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

We subsequently learned that our wolf is a high functioning intravenous drug addict, who is estimated to spend more than $0.5 million on drugs each year.

We understand that these wolves “earn” their drug monies by selling drugs or by crime (eg. terrorizing the wolf’s community with house break-ins, credit cards thefts, stolen vehicles and so on).

For years sports fishermen have used “catch and release” program for salmon, trout and other game fish to protect this precious fish resource.  

Today I learned the police have a “catch and release” program for addicted wolves who repeatedly prey upon their neighbours and community.  

The police work hard to find and arrest these wolves, but unfortunately the police and/or courts immediately release them back into their community, enabling them to prey upon and terrorize their neighbours, again and again.

These addicts are at severe risk of dying every day from a drug overdose, or by someone protecting their home and family from the wolf’s chronic attacks. 

(In my opinion) harm reduction drug strategies have obviously failed miserably, encouraging and enabling worse and worse addiction, crime and dysfunction in our badly damaged society.

The sheep need their government to protect them from predatory wolves. We need a change for the better. We need it now.

Glenn Black

Providence Bay