Letter: Fighting climate change and pollution will not work

All that seems to happen is the creation of more waste

To the Expositor:

Fighting climate change and pollution will not work and anybody who is still in the right mind would agree with me. Even with this new technology that is coming out it will do no good, all they are doing is just creating more waste. It is also driving people away from the truth too. When this happens, they will become lost souls. 

For me, I love the truth, especially when it comes to our Creator’s teachings. I think our Creator’s teachings are from the ancient times, where it was very strict. I think I’m living by those teachings. I’m always disciplining myself and it’s very hard, especially in this day and age. There are a lot of distractions in this world today. I never let them get to me or take control of me. The truth will always come to me in some way too and what I am seeing happening today. There is a lot of garbage that is floating around in space, then they keep sending more satellites in space, more waste, also rockets. The question is: how much pollution does one rocket cause when it is taking off? I believe God did say something about that fire will rain down from the heavens and I think this is what he was talking about. When all this junk in space comes down it will catch on fire. 

I do see that some of our scientists are working very hard on how to discredit our Creator too. People will get caught up in it that’s why we’re having so many problems in today’s society. Like I said before, I try very hard to love by our Creator’s teachings and it’s very hard to do in today’s society. I do not see that some of our Creator’s predictions coming true because there is a lot of lost souls out there. It takes a lot of will power to try and live the right way.

Ronald Osawabine