Letter: Government is going crazy with technology

A lost belief in humanity because of all the stupidity humans are creating on this earth

To the Expositor:

Government is going crazy with this technology first of all that Premier Doug Ford wants to create vaccine passports for anybody who wants to go into a restaurant, bars or theatres. Not too long ago I heard on the news they want to digitize our health cards, maybe next year. That’s pretty stupid because not everyone has a smart phone or internet. The government should know better not to force anyone into doing something that they do not want to do. As for me, I will never get internet just for that, I will just have to forget about getting a new health card then because nobody is ever going to force me into using the internet, not even the government. I will stand my ground at any cause because it will be over my dead body before that happens. Internet is not me, I just have no interest with it and I do believe God did say something about mankind that man will make another man their God. I see that happening today because of this technology and that’s stupid, myself, I do not believe in mankind because I can see all the stupidity that he is doing. Just take a look around you and see all the mess that he is creating on this on this earth which use to be beautiful before he started creating all this junk that we now have.

Ronald Osawabine