Letter: Kudos to Billings Township

From a thankful mother of two

To the Expositor:

I would like to give a warm and very hearty thank you to the Township of Billings for installing a baby change station in the Park Centre.

  As a mom of littles, finding a clean, safe and convenient place to change my small children can be a challenge when out and about. Myself and others were usually left with two choices—the dirty floor or our cramped car.

  Thank you for making life with littles a little easier, a little cleaner, a little safer. I enjoy taking part in the many events Billings has to offer with my family, and seeing the township work towards making the community more accessible for young families is a great encouragement to continue to participate in said activities. 

  I would love to see more communities be inspired by Billings Township’s inclusivity and install their own baby change stations.

Stephanie Hillyard

Mom of two and a Billings resident