Letter: Lack of public transportation a worry for letter writer

The pandemic can be an isolating experience

To the Expositor:

I guess a lot of people are going through some stress because of the pandemic. Myself, I was under a lot of stress because of the things I had to deal with. But, I finally got rid of it and now I am just relaxing and just trying to enjoy life. With this pandemic it does not even bother me, even with the lockdowns. The only time I get a little stressed is when I’m trying to find a taxi to go to some place. There is just no service in this community and it’s also very isolated. 

I do have a nephew in Sudbury and whenever he comes down, he checks up on me to see if I want to go someplace. He knows it’s hard for me here with getting a ride. He even said to me he would come down to take me somewhere, but he is only available on Mondays for that. All I have to do is phone him and he would come down just for that. But that’s one thing about me, I do not like taking advantage of people, so I stay away from doing that. 

I do believe we need some kind of taxi service in this community. We do have a lot of people here who are living on fixed incomes and this is something the leadership should be looking into. Maybe start a service that people can depend on to use for rides at an affordable charge for people who are living on low income. This is something needed for the community. We do have five satellite communities in Wiikwemkoong and it’s a big community and a lot of people do not have their own transportation either. They live on the back roads too, so it would be a good service to have and their would be some kind of service too for anybody to go off reserve too for shopping as far as Espanola.

Ronald Osawabine