Letter: Low income people should not be footing the pandemic bill

Go after the rich to pay off the deficit, they are the ones who made out like bandits

To the Expositor:

With all the lockdowns that are happening people are getting laid off then having to apply for this program the government is providing. I believe, it’s called CERB. When people are applying for this they are afraid of paying extra taxes when they do their income tax returns. This should not be happening; it is not their fault that they had to apply for this. It should be all tax-free money for anybody applying for it. 

It is the government and health care advisors why we have these lockdowns. Even businesses should be getting more money so that it will cover their losses and also it should be tax free and all the money that the government is losing through tax dollars, then it is time for them to go after the rich to pay off the deficit that they are inheriting because of the pandemic. So, stop making the low-income people pay off the debt because ordinary citizens have enough debt of their own to deal with while the rich have no problems paying their bills, because they are loaded with money. 

After this pandemic we just may end up seeing a lot of our social programs being cut, maybe even our health care service. The government does not want to go after the rich to pay off the deficit, instead, they will cut our services and it’s something citizens should be looking out for. I’m probably right about this, but we will see what happens.

Ronald Osawabine