Letter: Memories of the Big Lake Schoolhouse

No dollar amount would ever come close to capturing its worth

To the Expositor:

All my memories from the Big Lake Schoolhouse always include family and friends, live music, people laughing and talking. But the most important memory for me is my Nana, Carole Middaugh. She was the heart of our community and of the Big Lake Community Association as well as the Big Lake Women’s Institute. She was Nana to everyone and was a huge part of building this community. Every euchre night, Hillbilly Steak Dinner, pancake breakfast, every fish fry, she was there. There was never an event at the school where she was not there running the show. 

I can still hear all the live music, joining in singing with the band and all the laughter and fun we all shared together. The Big Lake Schoolhouse is more than just a building. It is, by definition, the literal heart of our community and it is not for sale. Right now, we are at risk of losing the school and if that were to happen, there would be more than just this community that would be heartbroken. We cannot let such a beautiful piece of our history be thrown away like it never meant anything.

Generations of my family attended that school, including my mom, my aunt and even my grandparents. If we lose this school, it will be like erasing all the students, the citizens of the year and all the people who made this community a family. No dollar amount would ever come close to capturing the worth of our family because that is what we are. With a history of almost 95 years, this piece of our lives is forever a reminder of where we started, and that is priceless.

Thank you,

Kaitlyn Tann

Sudbury and Central Manitoulin