Letter: Ottawa needs to do better

Perhaps it’s time for a change

To the Expositor:

Just why has the prime minister adjourned Parliament for the summer when there are so many critical matters to be dealt with? Why have we not heard a word about the need for a ‘no holds barred’ investigation into the horrors of the residential school system? When will we hear of real action with respect to the matter of missing and murdered Indigenous women? How long will it be before there is action to resettle here in Canada Afghan interpreters who aided Canadian forces in dealing with the Taliban? 

It seems that the possibility of an election is uppermost in the PM’s mind. If so, then in my view his priorities are certainly skewed and partisan; can’t Ottawa do better? And why don’t we hear from others in the Liberal caucus who must surely be concerned about these pressing issues? Clearly, in view of these critical matters, Parliament should be recalled. If being reelected is all the PM cares about then I’d say that it is time for a change in leadership in Ottawa! I hope that I am not alone in my views!


Eric Balkind

Gore Bay