Letter: Perhaps global warming is the coming of God’s judgement

Maybe it is time because of all the injustices, corruption, greed, selfishness and hatred?

To the Expositor:

Now we have two western provinces that want to separate from the rest of Canada. It’s because of these people who are complaining and whining about climate change; they are just trouble makers. If these provinces get their wish to separate, then this country may end up with more problems than they have right now because gas and oil is a big industry for Canada to have and supports a lot of things for us, not to mention our health care and our social programs too. 

These idiots have no idea how important it is to have this industry. By killing this industry, they are just going to create a lot of financial problems for everybody. It’s already bad enough as it is right now. I keep thinking about this biblical prediction that God made right after he caused the great flood, about 1,000 years ago. After that great flood God spoke and said that he would never use water again to destroy mankind, that it would be fire that will destroy mankind and with this global warming it does feel like our mother earth is catching on fire. Maybe this is what God was talking about? If this is our judgement from God, then there is nothing anybody can do. Maybe it’s about time for this to happen because with all the injustices, corruption, greed, selfishness and hatred that is happening, especially when it comes to our leaders, it’s always me first for them when it comes to money.

Ronald Osawabine