Letter: Racism is still a problem in our country

The ordinary person will be paying off the deficit instead of the rich

To the Expositor:

Racism is still a problem in our country that I keep hearing about is that it may even exist within our government too. So far, we have learned that it exists within our health care system especially with the western part of this country. But racism is the lowest king of life that anybody can have, there is just no damn special to anybody, not even in Gods eyes. Myself, I just would call them losers because when God created mankind, he did create different nationalities and I think why he did this was to test mankind, see if they can get along together and for mankind it’s a failure. God does work in mysterious ways. Also, mankind has forgotten the teachings of our creator, the 10 commandments and I do believe one of those teachings is to love thy neighbour, but it does not mean just your neighbour either, it means to all or everybody. The other one is to honour thy father and mother, I myself can still remember the teaching of our creator. I try to live by them, it really helps me see what is going on around me, with all the truth with all the lies and BS that’s happening and it’s really hard. Trying to live by these teachings in today’s society that no body lives by them anymore. These teachings are more valuable than the almighty dollar and this pandemic we are dealing with now that it might be happening on purpose because it is causing financial problems. Mankind will do just about anything for the love of money, the government will be dealing with a huge deficit problem after its all over. It will be the ordinary citizens paying for it instead of going after the rich.

Ronald Osawabine