Letter: Technology is a threat to society

How much more can the world take?

To the Expositor:

I kind of see this technology we have today as a threat within our society, because of what it can do to people and because of the hidden dangers of this technology. I even heard an official say that people are losing their jobs due to automation. I remember saying to myself, a long time ago when this technology was first coming out, that when these big corporations or companies switch to automation, they will be saving a lot of money by not having to pay employees. Even when people are working from home, the services they are supposed to provide get very lousy and are no good. These morons who are coming up with this technology never think about the consequences they may cause within our society. Their brains are getting clogged up with dollar signs. How much are they going to make on automation? I think this world of ours is going mad and crazy. We have too many people who are playing God. We have mad scientists too. I wonder how much the world can take. I think everything is just going out of control. People cannot control themselves because they are just too spoiled already.

Ron Osawabine