Letter: Thanks given to the Rockville Road cleanup crew

No trash signs need to be posted

To the Expositor:

I would like to thank the cleanup crew on Rockville Road this week. It was easily noticed that someone had gone through the stretch I travel daily! Carol Sheppard’s article touched home hard! 

Stop throwing your crap out! Five-hundred beer cans? Keep it till you get to a garbage can. It’s terrible for such disregard for our roadside! I saw the trash just thrown on the road, rotting. I saw the vultures first drawing my attention to it all over the road! 

NEMI needs to post no trash signs with fines immediately, like the bike signs that just popped up two years ago. And now they throw their trash everywhere as well! I’ve seen it with my own eyes! This road has got so much busier since the Hwy 540 lockdown that now it’s an easy short cut to Mindemoya or Prov. Thanks for that as well again!

Such a waste of money and time! 

Posted speed signs might also be an improvement to slow the transients down a bit! 

John K. Anderson

Rockville Road