Letter: The digital world is leaving too many behind

Dependancy on technology has already done more evil than good in our society

To the Editor:

The government wants to go digital as proof of vaccinated people but not everybody has this damn garbage technology or uses it. What the heck is wrong with them anyway, to think how everybody uses this technology? What they should do is to provide plastic coated vaccination cards as proof. Spend the money this way instead of trying to save it for yourself. How sickening to see this government becoming so dependent on this garbage technology. I see this technology as laziness for the government, to us, or anybody else and that it’s a lot better doing things in person instead of relying on this garbage technology. People need to wake up and see how this technology is probably ruining your life. Myself, I can see how much damage it has done already in our society. It is not good at all. There is more evil in it then the good. If anybody understands about life like I do, they would know this because this technology is about the dark side of life, people getting blinded from the truth.

Ronald Osawabine