Letter: The People’s Party of Canada rhetoric is racist

Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise

To the Expositor:

Having been born in this fair land and having lived here all of my years, I believe that makes me a Canadian, maybe even “a pretty good guy.” As a human being with a functioning mind, I believe that makes me a person. A singular unit, but still a ‘people.’ But I am neither a racist, a climate-change denier, a member of a maple syrup cartel (“Your first maple candy is free, kiddee”), a believer that the United Nations is in Canada, (can you sing ‘New York, New York’?) or any other form of idiot. As such, I would like to log that I take offence to racist and idiotic ‘ideology’ being slopped off under the banner of some 

wet-behind-the-ears People’s Party of Canada.

Gerry Smith

Providence Bay