Letter: Tim Horton’s has the okay to invade God’s Country, what’s next?

A resident of 15 years is very disillusioned

To the Expositor:

Needless to say that the plans are going ahead to build a Tim Hortons in Little Current. I have been opposed to this venue from the beginning. My husband and I moved to Manitoulin Island 15 years ago for its quaint surroundings and picturesque setting. The omission of stores seen all across Canada pleased us the most. 

If a Tim Hortons has the okay to invade God’s Country, then what’s next? A McDonalds? They will have carte blanche then. And how will you stop them and others? 

I think it is a shame. All the visitors who come to tour this beautiful Island do not come here to see what they see everywhere else. They want unique.

Very disillusioned!

Monique Dowse

Bay Estates Road