Letter: Time has come to acknowledge long-term care should be public

Provinces should get together with the federal government to develop a national approach

To the Expositor:

How much longer do we have to wait before there is real action with regards to the appalling conditions which continue to take the lives of so many of our senior citizens currently residing in private, for-profit long-term care (LTC) facilities? Surely the time has come to acknowledge that LTC homes should be a public service controlled and financed by government which provide, as a matter of course, decent and adequate support for those who need it. The notion of for-profit LTC facilities is surely an outdated anathema. No one should be making money from a service intended to help our seniors during their final years!

Time for the Province of Ontario (and, for that matter, all provincial jurisdictions) to get together with the federal government and begin to develop a national approach to the current, totally unacceptable and inadequate situation which exists across our country. Such changes will take time, so we had better get started!


Eric Balkind

Gore Bay