Letter: Tourism outreach deserves municipal, and our, support

Attracting visitors through local means is important for a multitude of reasons

To the Expositor:

‘This is Manitoulin’ is a lure magazine and has been attracting our wonderful visitors for 60 years. Over 40,0000 copies are sent out strategically every year all over Ontario and some years into the USA.

In these challenging times our newspaper needs our support. Papers need advertisements to sustain them and with near no events happening, there is no doubt in my mind that it is hard to keep going. Thank you for finding a creative way to continue to be a great paper and the tourism-supporting business you are. 

Manitoulin Island Cycling Advocates (MICA) has been distributing thousands of ‘This is Manitoulins’ to potential visitors for years at the trade shows we attend. We can attest that this great magazine is very well received. We know it achieves direct results. People are letting us know that the brochure’s guidance led them to the detailed information found on the internet to plan their holiday, to book tours, accommodations and trip itineraries. 

MICA wishes to thank Mayor Richard Stephens and Councillors Al Tribinevicius and Derek Stephens for supporting the motion for a half-page ad in ‘This is Manitoulin.’ We are sad that it failed to pass on the council meeting on March 25. I hope the mock-up ad created by staff community development officer Marcus Mohr as directed with a motion at a committee meeting with short time notice can be used in some ads in the near future. 

MICA, for one, has supported The Expositor for several years with a half-page ad and wish to thank The Expositor whole heartedly for all the great work they are doing in our community and far reaching with ‘This is Manitoulin.’

As a small business located in Central Manitoulin, I am grateful for our summer visitors that sustain me and so many other businesses in Central and Manitoulin in general. Maja’s quarter-page ad in ‘This is Manitoulin’ speaks to that. 

The 2020 influx of Ontario visitors was wonderful. It provided a great opportunity to show us all where we can and need to improve to present an attractive place that serves our visitors needs well. MICA hopes that the 12 cycle racks donated to the municipalities on Manitoulin will assist our cycling visitors while cycling on Manitoulin. MICA, Maja’s and surely many others are happy to hear that Central Manitoulin will provide more restrooms in 2021, and that they will provide additional waste disposal opportunities. We are grateful to hear that COVID-19 monies made available to municipalities will be able to cover the extra costs. 

Attracting visitors and providing a welcoming, friendly, great functioning place is what will make us prosper; together we can provide excellence.

Maja Mielonen

MICA president 

Proprietor of Maja’s Garden Bistro