Letter: We can never thank them enough

An ode to the Hydro One worker

To the Expositor:

Hydro One, you are the one, 

That will go out on a limb for me. 

And then go out in the wind, 

And work till you are done.

And Hydro One, you do that for me, 

And the men of Hydro One work in all kinds of weather. 

The men of Hydro One make me proud 

As the men of Hydro One go out no matter the weather 

And we should thank them out loud.


Hydro One, you are the one 

You go out in the wind, 

And work till you’re done.

So, I thought I would write this into a song, 

Hydro One will work all night long, 

Just so that we all can stay warm 

And so our lights can stay on and keep us from harm. 

So, our families can feel safe at night,

Hydro One, as they treat us right 

What would we ever do without the men and women 

That work for Hydro One.

We should all stand up and salute 

The men and women of Hydro One.


Because we can never thank them enough,

Because what Hydro One does can be tough.

Just to keep our power on

Because we do miss the power when it is off.

So, hats off to Hydro One 

And thanks for calling me when the power went back on.


Lyman Corbiere