Letter: Writer dismayed at federal support for Line 5

Ordinary citizens must remain vigilant in view of government laxity

To the Expositor:

I feel that The Expositor should be aware of this latest disgrace on the part of the Canadian Government.

This article (‘Why Do Canadians Seem to Care So Little about Protecting the Great Lakes from Line 5?’ found at forloveofwater.org) is just the latest example of Justin Trudeau failing to protect the welfare of Canadian citizens.

FLOW is a non-profit environmental protection charity operating from the State of Michigan.

Manitouliners are particularly vulnerable in the event of a failure of the Line 5 petroleum pipeline, which is located beneath the Straits of Mackinac.

Our situation directly east of Mackinac, together with predominantly westerly winds, puts  our Island seriously at risk of petroleum pollution in the event of a pipeline rupture.

Oil washing up on Manitoulin beaches would cripple our already troubled tourist industry.

We owe it to our Island neighbours as well as all Canadians to recognize the need for vigilance in view of such government laxity.


Mike Wilton,

Dominion Bay

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Expositor is aware of the referenced blog post and had reached out last week to the author of the referenced blog to clarify a couple of assertions made in the article. As of press time Monday, we had still not received a response from author Dr. Daniel MacFarlane.