LETTERS: A few shots across the bow for climate change critic

Get in touch with the families who are homeless due to super extreme weather

To the Expositor:

After reading Mr. Desjardins’ letter from the November 14 Expositor for people to calm down about the effects of climate change, it’s not hard to see he has a vested interest in the coal and oil industries as well as the extremely expensive nuclear industry. Renewable clean energy is a bad word in Mr. Desjardins’ vocabulary.

Mr. Desjardins needs to get in touch with the many of thousands of families around the world who have lost their homes and properties due to super extreme weather conditions of fires, floods and out of control weather to calm down and relax as it’s all natural. At this point I’m also thinking that Mr. Desjardins thinks Mr. Donald Trump is a good president.

As one of the farmers that watch weather patterns daily,


Lyle Dewar

Providence Bay