LETTERS: Letter writer’s claim of “little or no evidence” on warming refuted

The implications make an urgent case for acting decisively and quickly

To the Expositor:

In his letter to the Expositor (‘Calm down and look at the evidence of climate change,’ November 14, Page 5), Shane Desjardins cited the 2012 report from the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Change (IPCC) to support his contention that “there is little or no evidence to support a claim that a warming climate is influencing extreme weather events.”

Readers of The Expositor should be informed that IPCC reports are freely available for review on the web.

More recently, in October of this year, the IPCC released a special report on climate change.

That report confirms that we are indeed experiencing increases in extreme weather events stemming from the already cooked-in increase in global temperatures.  

It also makes an urgent case for acting decisively and quickly to change course and mitigate the very serious future effects of unchecked anthropogenic climate change.

That isn’t “hype.” It’s science based on evidence. It has also received an enormous amount of news coverage, so anyone with access to the internet can google “IPPC special report” and read analyses from various perspectives.

Notwithstanding the rigorously scientific language of the report, its implications are clear.

The report can be found here: 


Marty Rosen

Meldrum Bay and Louisville, Kentucky