LETTERS: An Easter poem and song from an Expositor contributor

To the Expositor:

An Easter song and story of Jesus

Nails are what holds life together

And nails are what brings lives together

And nails are what they used to nail Chirst on the tree.

Christ had to do this, to set people free.

So God let his son to be nailed to the tree

So that all the world could be free,

To be set free from all the sins of the world.

Because the whole world is full of sin, the whole world.

But thank God, nails are what hold the life together,

And nails are what brings lives together.

And nails are used to hold two pieces together.

They used nails and a tree, to nail Christ to the tree.

Christ did all this so He could bring us together.

Thousands of years ago on Easter Sunday, crucified

On the Cross, this all happened, so the Romans could be satisfied.

So the Romans used an upright stake, bearing a horizontal bar;

Two stakes nailed together to form an X,

An ancient Roman instrument of torture and death.

What were the Romans thinking, what were they going to do next?

Because what the Romans did two thousand years ago

Was all in vain, the nail and tree could not hold Jesus down.

Now the cross, a sacred emblem of Christianity,

Where Jesus was crucified,

Symbol of true Christianity was found.

A cross standing up forms a T (the 10 commandments)

A cross laying down forms an X (Roman number for 10.)

Lyman Corbiere