LETTERS: Rainbow District School Board priorities don’t add up for students

Ratepayers are invited to attend the April 23 meeting to demonstrate unity

To the Expositor:

Having heard the motion to move $3 million from the Student Activities Fund of Rainbow District School Board, knowing the government had withdrawn their support of the $4 million they pledged and, further, knowing the Rainbow District School Board having been told that their portion of contribution has gone from 25 percent to 75 percent of support, and further the Manitoulin School Board Trustee (Margaret Stringer) is on record of voting in favour of this expenditure, I argue the following: 1) there are not enough textbooks to go around in our classrooms in some instances; 2) students have to photocopy some text books for homework assignments; and 3) the government has previously served notification to Ontario Public School Boards that up to four school subjects will have to be taken online.

I call on the Manitoulin Public School Board Trustee and others to deny further expenditures on a bubble dome and for others to follow suit. Further, I invite ratepayers to attend the Rainbow District School Board meeting on April 23 to be in the gallery to demonstrate unity in opposition to this expenditure. To do so I have a van that seats seven and I would be happy to drive that number to Sudbury myself as I will be attending.

Larry Killens

South Baymouth